What Are Luxury Bathrooms Like?

Luxury bathrooms are anyone’s envy for their sleek, straight lines, sophisticated accessories, and elegant materials. Large spaces, sometimes integrated with others such as dressing rooms or bedrooms, in which to relax and forget about the stress of the day. Elements will help this as exclusive as jacuzzis, whirlpools, or saunas …




Although they are more frequent than others, luxury does not understand styles. Thus, this type of bathroom ranges from the most classic style to the purest minimalism, going through rustic, contemporary, and even industrial. The choice of one or the other will depend on how the house itself is decorated. And depending on what this is, the materials, furniture, sanitary ware, and accessories will be one or the other. Whatever they are, they are very spacious and bright spaces, often integrated into other rooms such as the bedroom or the dressing room.




Natural, elegant … the materials used are often the most classic: marble, stone, hardwood, porcelain, ceramics, wood … but you can also find another cutting edge as cement polished or lacquered wood. Deciding on one or the other depends on the tastes and the style you want to give to the room. The important thing is that space denotes durability and sophistication.


Sanitaryware, bathtubs, and sinks


The elements found in a luxury bathroom range from the most typical to the most exclusive and expensive: from the usual toilets to two-sinks, normally used in larger spaces. Showers with rain effect can also be seen, often complementing hydromassage or free-standing bathtubs. And it is that these baths are characterized by the use of exclusive elements such as jacuzzis or saunas, among many others …




Not surprisingly, the furniture in this type of bathroom also breathes elegance and exclusivity. Thus, the washbasin furniture is usually spacious, with large countertops and plenty of space for storage, and decorative elements. You can also see marble or stone countertops in more classic environments or Silestone countertops in the most modern ones. Both of them usually contain sinks with two sinks or with a large sink. These bathrooms are also characterized by the use of other pieces such as shelves, shelves, chairs, armchairs, benches, and even sideboards. All of them chosen for their functional aspect and, above all, for their great decorative weight.


Essential accessories


In addition to furniture, sanitary ware, sinks, bathtubs, and showers, there are some essential elements in luxury bathrooms. As in any bathroom, mirrors are very important in this space. However, in these environments, its size multiplies, giving rise to more spacious and bright rooms, with a sophisticated air. But, if there is something that characterizes luxury bathrooms, it uses works of art to decorate the space: paintings, sculptures, photographs … These should be preserved especially since it is a very humid space. The classic textiles and plants will be joined by other decorative elements, usually design pieces, antiques, or accessories obtained on trips.