Trends: Goodbye To Cold Kitchens

The colors, materials, furniture, textiles … The new trends cover all aspects of the house, renewing each of the spaces and giving them that different air so necessary to start the year with enthusiasm.


The passion for cooking, so fashionable again thanks, in part, to television programs and some blogs, has made this room once again become the meeting place of the house. Hence, it requires certain aspects such as spaciousness, light, and, above all, integration with other rooms such as the living room. This will allow you to enjoy the creative work involved in preparing the dishes, without neglecting the fact of socializing with the rest of the people. A turn towards creating pleasant, cozy, and full of living environments.


It is a commitment to the practical and functional vision of this space: tall cabinets that take advantage of the entire space, multifunctional islands that visually delimit the kitchen and dining areas, hidden appliances that offer the latest in technology and efficiency, decorative and silent hoods, or interior accessories that allow you to keep utensils and food in order.


As for materials, the warmth forces you to opt for natural ones, such as wood or stone. There is also a commitment to textures, from the grains of the wood to the image of the exposed brick, since they generate that warm and cozy feeling that is sought after.


The main tones are neutral and soft whites and creams, which bring light and spaciousness to the kitchen, sometimes combined with touches of pink, dark red, orange, or purple. Always with very light finishes made of glass or transparent polyurethane. It is also possible to find the use of blacks and grays, combined with green or blue tones, which generate a more elegant sensation.

In short, the new trends in kitchens range from the most elegant and eclectic style to the most rustic and romantic, giving off an image of yesteryear, cozy and natural. Of course, whatever the style, they are always designed with maximum functionality in mind, using the latest technology and the latest in design.