Occupational Therapy in Ryde

Occupational therapy in Ryde (OT) improves motor skills like balance, coordination, and self-regulation. It can help kids and adults with disabilities. It’s especially effective with kids who have developmental coordination disorder (DCD). It can also help kids who don’t reach certain development milestones. It helps kids with sensory processing issues, too. Sensory processing disorder is different from autism, although many kids with autism also have SPD.

If you are looking for OT in Ryde, there are several options. Physio Inq OT’s can assess and provide advice on daily activities at home, in your community and at work. We can recommend assistive technology, home modifications and equipment that can make your life easier. We can also offer upper limb robotics therapy to manage spasticity and hypertonicity and increase strength, upper limb function, and coordination.

Exploring Occupational Therapy in Ryde

For older people, OT’s can assess their independence at home and provide advice on modifications or equipment that can be used to reduce the risk of falls in the home. We can also offer evidence based upper limb robotics therapy to assist with managing spasticity and hypertonicity and increasing strength, upper limb function, coordination and fine motor skill. We can also recommend and prescribe equipment for people who need help with transfers including showering, toileting, getting dressed, eating, or driving. Our OT’s can also provide cognitive strategies, a personalised approach to care and support and advocacy services.