Luxury Kitchens: What Are They Like?

Who would not like to have a huge kitchen, one of those that appear in advertisements? To be able to enjoy cooking, meals with families and friends, after-dinner meals, or simply boasting of a kitchen with an attractive aesthetic that brings class and design to the home … But what are the main characteristics of these kitchens?




Luxury kitchens are characterized by using the highest quality materials on the market. The choice of one or the other will depend, in addition to tastes and the style of the house. Thus, in classic, rustic, or romantic settings, you will see furniture made of solid woods such as oak, beech, or pine, combined with porcelain and marble elements such as sinks and countertops. The most modern, contemporary or minimalist kitchens choose other more practical, resistant and easy to clean, such as wood in lacquered finishes, Silestone, glass or stainless steel, which generate a clean and neat image, very neutral, cold and light from the kitchen.




This is functional furniture, in which the large drawers and other furniture with great storage capacity stand out. Thus, in addition to the typical cabinets, drawers, shelves, and shelves, in this type of kitchen, you can find central islands, American bars, and even sideboards and showcases. Then, it will depend on the style, and the tastes of each one that this furniture has handles, that are of some colors or others, that have a glass or opaque doors, or that have lacquered or matt finishes.




These are very spacious rooms, so the distribution can have multiple interpretations. As in all, the structural elements and the shape of the space will mark the location of the furniture, although they offer many more possibilities, of course. Many choose to integrate the kitchen into the living room, generating an even broader image, creating open and bright spaces. This option, highly recommended in small rooms, has become a trend in those kitchens with a contemporary or minimalist style, since it provides a touch of design and modernity. Integrated or not, these types of kitchens usually have three key distributions: L, central island, or peninsula.


– L-shaped kitchens: formed by two fronts joined by a corner. The advantages they offer are comfort, better use of space, and greater spaciousness. When there is space, it is one of the most used distributions for its good performance. It is perfect when there are several doors or windows on different walls, in open or integrated kitchens in the living room. In medium and large kitchens, this distribution allows new auxiliary spaces without reducing the feeling of spaciousness.


– Kitchens with a central island: the island is a free-standing worktop, accessible on all four sides, allowing you to get the most out of all its corners. Placing an island that integrates all the functions allows the rest of the spaces to be used for other purposes since it can have the cooking area, the water area, the worktop and storage in its cabinets and drawers. Also, they add a luxurious touch to the kitchen, making it more elegant.


– Kitchens with a peninsula: it remains attached to the rest of the furniture on one side. It is ideal in very long spaces, where an in-line composition can feel like a tube. It allows you to gain work surfaces in the kitchen and create a different space than the rest of the counter. Supported on cabinets or low walls, the peninsula offers a multitude of different options, from placing a cooking area, to a dining area, to gaining an extra storage area. They are very visually attractive.




The kitchens style is marked by the materials used, the colors, appliances, and other chosen accessories. However, it is the luxury kitchens that create trends and establish fashion styles. Today, we find two types of kitchens that prevail over the rest: classic and minimalist kitchens. The classic ones, made of wood, combined with porcelain and marble, tend to have light colors such as white, creams, and wood tones and make paintings, textiles, and other decorative elements their flag. The second, the minimalist, made of more modern materials such as glass, steel, Silestone, and lacquered finishes, is characterized by colors such as white, black, and red. Also, the decorative elements are conspicuous by their absence,




Any luxurious kitchen worth its salt enjoys the latest in the latest home technology: dishwasher, microwave, induction hobs or combinable modules, fridge-freezer, oven, coffee makers, ice chests, and other useful appliances. Its finishes, normally in stainless steel, are embedded in the furniture (often even paneled). Highlight the large dimensions of the refrigerators, often double doors, and the use of decorative hoods.