How to Choose an Email Verifier Online

The ideal Email verifier online will help you keep your email list clean, which in turn increases your deliverability and improves your overall metrics. High metrics mean higher returns for your digital marketing campaigns.

How can I verify an email address online?

However, if your mailing lists are filled with fake or risky email addresses, your delivery rates will suffer, and your emails might end up in the spam folders of your recipients. In such cases, you might end up losing potential customers and missing out on valuable opportunities. Using a good email verification tool is a great way to avoid this.

When choosing an email verifier, look for a free service that offers multiple features. Some of the key ones include a domain check, an MX lookup, and an email ping check. The domain check will ensure that the domain that hosts the email address actually exists and is functioning properly. The MX lookup will also verify that the mail exchange entry associated with an email address is valid and active. The email ping will ping the specified email address and wait for a server response to confirm that the email is active.

In addition to these checks, an effective email verifier will also identify syntax errors and catch-all addresses. These addresses are typically shared among a team or an entire department and often appear in a company’s mailing lists. In such cases, the email verifier will flag them as risky or invalid and remove them from your mailing lists.