Chemical Bund Lining

Chemical Bund Lining

A Chemical Bund Lining is a secondary containment structure that surrounds primary storage vessels such as fuel and chemical tanks, drums or IBC’s. They provide an extra level of protection in the event of a leak or spill from these containers, preventing the chemicals from spreading and causing environmental contamination or safety hazards.

In the UK it is a requirement that all sites have a suitable bund to prevent groundwater pollution. Bunds are also often required in petro chemical, oil, gas and power generation facilities. If your bund is unlined or damaged you could face a major site clean up bill, fines from the Environment Agency and water damage to local businesses and residential properties.

Bund Lining Essentials: Navigating the Protection of Chemical Storage Facilities

Ensure your bund is up to scratch and safe for chemicals by applying a high-quality chemical-resistant lining system from Enviroseal. Our fibreglass (GRP) lining systems can be customized to your specific chemical application and are designed to last the life of the tank. Our liner is highly durable, with excellent resistance to punctures and tears, abrasions, UV radiation and temperature extremes.

Our GRP lining systems are the ideal solution for re-lining steel or concrete bunds and can be installed to your specification. Typically the lining is applied to a geotextile base which is backfilled before the GRP membrane is bonded. We can also repair leaking, cracked or porous steel or concrete bunds by applying a repair mastic, epoxy or polyurethane coating.