Round Table Rentals

Round tables are the most popular rental choice for weddings, nonprofit galas and corporate events. Their rounded design is conducive to conversation among guests, plus they offer more space for centerpieces and floral arrangements. Their shape also optimizes space in smaller dining areas, where every square inch counts.

Round table rentals can easily seat more guests than square or rectangular tables because they have no isolating corners, maximizing seating capacity in the same size room. Round tables are also easier to navigate than rectangular ones, especially for those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.

Often called high tops, the cocktail round table rentals are at standing height and work well for cocktail hours or events without a meal. They can be paired with bar stools or a simple chair tie.

Complete Your Setup: Round Table Rentals Made Easy

The half round table, sometimes referred to as the sweetheart table, is reserved for newlyweds and couples celebrating their special day. This is a great option for wedding receptions, anniversary parties and birthday celebrations. It’s also a great alternative for the head of household who wants to be featured at their own unique table.

The 4′ table is perfect for adding an extra seat when there isn’t enough room for a full size table. These tables are commonly used for a wedding cake or gift table, escort cards and even satellite bars at larger events. We recommend a linen over the entire table to minimize any wear and tear during event use.