Laser Tattoo Removal – What You Need to Know

Laser Tattoo Removal is a safe, effective way to fade or remove an unwanted tattoo. It uses an intense beam of light to break apart ink pigments that are trapped underneath the skin. The body’s immune system then naturally flushes the broken-down ink away through its circulatory and lymphatic systems. Because the laser’s energy only targets pigment in the top layers of your skin, it doesn’t cause scarring, unlike traditional tattoo removal methods that rely on “sanding” the skin. Go here

Laser treatments may cause some discomfort, but it varies from person to person and is usually less painful than getting the original tattoo. We use a topical anesthetic to help with the pain, and we recommend protecting your treated area from sun exposure after the treatment sessions.

Bye-Bye Tattoo: How Laser Removal Can Help You Start Fresh

The number of treatment sessions required will vary by the size, age and color of your tattoo. Darker tattoos and larger sized tattoos will require more treatment sessions than smaller sized, lighter colored tattoos. Your dermatologist will determine the best treatment plan during your consultation.

Before your first laser treatment session, you will need to complete a thorough medical history and discuss your cosmetic goals with your dermatologist. Your physician will also evaluate your skin type and color. Some medical conditions, medications or supplements can impact your results and should be discussed with your dermatologist prior to treatment. These include isotretinoin, previous or current keloidal tendencies, herpes infections and sun exposure habits. It is important that you are completely honest during your consultation so that your doctor can recommend the safest and most effective treatment for you.