Landscaping In Front Of The House: 4 Tips To Decorate The Facade!

The decoration of a property is crucial for it to have the personality and style of its owners. Therefore, it must be considered in every detail since the planning of its construction. In this sense, you cannot forget a very important point: the landscaping in front of the house.

Plants, stones, flower beds with colorful flowers can help to make the facade of your home cozier, complementing the architectural design of your residence with harmony. Want some tips for landscaping planning in your backyard from pro landscapers? Check out our 4 suggestions!

Define the size of the space and its purpose

The most important step for landscaping in front of your home to be harmonious is to clearly define your goal. Will it be just a garden or will the place also be used as a leisure area, joining living spaces for family and friends?

If there is a movement of people, it is necessary to plan safe passages for them so that they do not affect the health of the plants and the lawn, if applicable. Most landscapers help you choose wood or stone coverings, depending on the project and how it will match the facade of the property.

Also, check-in this planning if you will use plants that need a lot of care and if you will have time for that. Think about the costs of maintaining your garden and put them in your financial planning.

Choose the types of plants

There are people who like the color of the flowers better and others who prefer the foliage with different shades of green. Attending to your personal taste is important, but you must also consider the conditions under which the plants will be conditioned.

Many landscapers help you analyze the incidence of sun, air circulation, and humidity in front of the house when choosing the plants that will compose your landscaping. Remember, too, that the trees may not match the space if the facade is very small. You can replace them with shrubs or smaller species.

Plan the location of the plants

Often, in smaller environments, it is possible to take advantage of the walls to make a vertical garden. Gazebos and pergolas are also interesting elements for landscaping in front of the house, always in harmony with its architectural design.

Take care of the soil properly

Finally, do not forget that the soil must receive special preparation for planting, and this will depend on the species chosen so that they have a long useful life. Studying which plants are native to the location of your home is a good idea, as their preservation will be facilitated.

If the professional landscapers who will do your landscaping realize that the land is not fertile, it may be necessary to use fertilizer. Another suggestion is to compose the environment with pots, planters, and planters, where you can apply the type of soil suitable for the plants you want to have on your facade.

When landscaping in front of the house, keep in mind that it will be necessary to maintain plant care periodically. The ideal is to have a landscapers professional to help you in this task for the maintenance of the place.