Information About Fences And Their Varieties

A fence or enclosure is a vertical building element used to divide and protect the land from intruders. It is usually made of metal, wood, or stone. The fence differs from the wall because it does not have a solid foundation along its entire length.

Fences are used to keep intruders out or protect the privacy of a facility’s inhabitants. Fences can be found on farms, agricultural land, private properties, government, and industrial facilities.

A classic fence consists of a row of wooden planks or stakes arranged vertically and in a pointed or rounded shape. Logs are driven or buried in the ground and connected by other horizontal boards nailed to the previous ones. There are also metal fences made up of wire mesh called wire fencing.

The mesh can be welded or woven. The metal wire and poles’ coating can be galvanized, polymeric, or uncoated. A fence made of a perforated metal sheet was added to the alternative wire fence, which provides the opacity of the fence. The sheet has different perforations, galvanized or polymer protection in different colors. There are also fences made of natural materials, such as reed or heather.

In this case, the pieces are braided with wire, forming a dense surface. And in Latin America, you can see a cactus fence. It is unlikely that anyone wants to try their luck and try this fence for strength. Natural material, like stone, has firmly entered the history of fencing. Especially when there are a lot of them around. More prosperous owners use decorative fences made of stone or brick.


Mobile fences are metal structures placed on public roads to delimit places for temporary events such as shows, parades, or processions. They also serve to protect construction or other works in public places. They usually consist of a frame with bars or mesh inside, fixed on two wide legs that provide stability. On the sides, they have a fastener that allows you to connect the fence sections, forming a continuous tape to be used in different areas of any configuration.

Man builds fences not to protect himself from the outside world but to show his territory. Ennoble it from third-party people; to show that this place on earth is his. During the existence of property as a concept, people have learned to make fences from:

Wood. From simple designs to complex weaves and patterns. In addition to the fence, a wooden fence can decorate the territory, giving the house the look of an extravagant, ancient palace. All materials are covered with a special varnish, which protects them from weather troubles;

Mesh chain-link. This design is more protective and enclosing than designer or beautiful. It’s easy to make it unique and specific, but we can handle it with a touch of creative stuffing. The materials make it possible to make a solid frame of the fence, and the craftsmen will bring to life huge structures;

Decking. The cheapest but the surest option is to isolate yourself from everything that bothers you. Installation of 100 linear meters will take two days, and the cost of material and installation will not surprise you.

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