How to Perform Concrete Core Drilling Safely

Concrete core drilling is a common construction procedure and it’s often done by professional drillers, but plumbers, electricians and other construction or renovation professionals can also perform this work. Regardless of who’s doing the core drilling, it’s important to follow safety guidelines and operating procedures to minimize the risk of accidents or injury.Check this out

The first step in performing a core drilling is to make sure that there’s nothing in the way of your work. Check for services such as water lines, sewer lines, electric lines and gas lines. If you have any doubts, ask your supervisor or the client if they know what’s in and around the area where you plan on drilling. It’s best to do this before you start so that you don’t accidentally cut into something valuable.

Navigating Concrete Core Drilling Projects Like a Pro

Once you’ve determined that it’s safe to drill, use a pencil to mark where you plan on placing your core bit. You’ll also need to choose a guiding drill bit, which resembles a traditional drill bit but is designed to help you center your core bit when drilling. This helps avoid misalignments that can lead to an unwanted slope at the end of your hole.

Next, place the guiding drill bit into the drill and start at a low RPM until you feel the guiding drill bit’s teeth engage the working surface of your wall or floor. Once the guiding drill bit has cut through a few inches of concrete, you can continue to drill down and out. When the guiding drill bit is at the desired depth, remove it from the drill and clean the inside of your newly formed hole.