All Weather Football Pitch Construction

all weather football pitch construction

All-weather football pitch construction is one of the most popular requests that we receive from our customers. The cost of constructing an all weather football field varies depending on the size and scope of the project. Typically, pricing is per square meter. The cost of the artificial grass is also a factor in the overall price.

The first step of all weather football pitch construction is to prepare the site. This involves digging up the existing grass and soil and preparing a sub base to the correct specification. Typically, this will include a layer of type 1 MOT stone which is compacted down and then followed by a porous open textured base course macadam. This is to ensure that the football surface will be free draining and SUDs compliant.

From Turf to Turf: Building Resilient All-Weather Football Pitches

Once the foundations have been laid, it is then time to install the football surface. This will be either a second-generation (2G) synthetic turf system with sand-filled infill or the more modern partially sand-dressed (3G) systems. Both of these surfaces meet the requirements set by BS-EN and FIH.

A good quality sports surface will last a long time and provide a safe, comfortable playing environment. The key factors to consider are the types of sport(s) that will be played on the surface and the expected hours of usage. We will work with you to create a suitable solution based on these considerations and ensure that you get the best possible football surface.