1. Editor's Note

Chaos theory (n): the branch of mathematics that deals with complex systems whose behaviour is highly sensitive to slight changes in conditions, so that small alterations can give rise to strikingly great consequences.

The delicious contradiction that between order and chaos there need not always be a diametric opposition. This butterfly effect has been the flutter behind the scenes at Forager Collective these past few months. Many changes, much progress and the thrill that we have derived from the omnipresent chaos. This has been life. And we couldn’t have wished for anything lesser.

For a change, we assigned a theme for an issue. We called it Passage and invited our contributors to interpret it as they pleased. To me, it was also the word 'transition'. It was all its synonyms: change, move, transformation, conversion, adaptation, adjustment, alteration, changeover, metamorphosis; shift, switch, jump, leap, progression, progress, gradation, development, evolution; transfiguration, flux, mutation, transmutation, vicissitude. Passage in time, space or form, or in the movement of recipes or practices or memories, in history and in the present.

In the following pages, there is a story of a physical passage, a few decades old and a story that goes back a few centuries. Another proposes a way for the future, and another reflects on sentiments from a not too distant past. All of them take place in geographies widely separated from each other. Or maybe not. Maybe you will appreciate that underlying every passage is a very human emotion – that of hope and fortitude.

Uncannily, this theme has come to reflect how The Forager itself is set to change hereon. In trying to keep it fresh, stimulating and in wanting to push the envelope of what it means to reflect upon, live with and be moved by food and its many nuanced politics, we are handing over this baby to guest editor/s from the next issue onwards. We will publish quarterly again. Invited guest editor/s will drive the format, the collaborations with writers and artists and the ensuing contents in each issue. We at Forager Collective will of course be working closely with the guest editor/s in the middle of all the chaos. We couldn’t be more excited at the new learnings, new directions and the new friends this will lead to.

Like dear old friend, and a personal favourite writer Gloria Kiconco says, “Sometimes chaos is simply what is not yet understood.”

Hope you find ideas in here that will speak to you.



Deepa Bhasthi is a writer living and working in Bengaluru, India. Her works are available at http://dbhasthi.blogspot.in

She is one of the Founding Editors of The Forager.