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2. What a Farmer's Resume Looks Like

Asuncion Molinos Gordo and Harry West

If a farmer needed a CV, how would you write it?

3. How to read family recipes

Sharmila Vaidyanathan

Cooking is never just a list of ingredients or a set of instructions

4. Living Dangerously on Two Half-Quarters and Pork Amsol

Hartman de Souza

Bossa nova plays in the background, and Goa falls prey to an age of greed. A mining story.

5. #GlobalizationCroissant, and other scenes from Dubai

Isaac Wurmann

Placing the whole world on a plate of fluffy snack

6. How to eat your identity


You are what you eat. Or are you? Or are you not?

7. The candies that doctors hand out

Ife Piankhi

How overprescription of antibiotics in Uganda is creating a health crisis that NGOs have so far ignored.