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2. The Woman Who Couldn't Cook

Gloria Kiconco

A Ugandan woman wonders what her inability to cook well says about her woman-ness in a traditional society.

3. When Food Begins to Build a Prison

Cooking Sections

Daniel Fernandez Pascual and Alon Schwabe on how food built a very large open prison in the Gaza Strip

4. Beef Stakes

Bijoy Venugopal

Raising a war cry in the face of #beefban in India.

5. If They Don't Have Bread, Let Them Eat Cake!

Milan Susak

From a childhood spent in wartime, what the writer remembers is the luxury of the basic Embargo cake.

6. A Mountain of Questions on Your Plate

Omair Ahmad

In a country of many generations of immigrants, what does 'national food' mean anymore?

7. Smog Tasting: Four Years Of Unexpected Ingredients

The Center for Genomic Gastronomy with Nicola Twilley

What does the air pollution in the cities of the world taste like?

8. The Musings of a Hungry Lawyer

Aditya Kamath

A comment on the way law has been controlling food habits throughout history.

9. A Ditty for Piketty

Abhishek Hazra

Some thoughts after French economist Thomas Piketty's new book.