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2. Inside la industria membrillera

Francisca Benitez

An artist revisits an old family tradition and finds an alternative economy of edible capital at play

3. Finding Democracy

Malavika Rajnarayan

Exploring the curious relationships that tie democracy, coalitions, vultures and Indian feasts together

4. Symbols of tradition in the aesthetics of displaying meat

Serubiri Moses

Is there a reason why a butcher will display one cut of meat, not the other? A view from the markets of Kampala

5. All that we eat or don't eat - A triptych

Sayan Bhattacharya

A writer gets deeply personal to explain how food is never just what we eat

6. Fusion Food: Stewing in the Aftermath of the Korean War

Sooyoung Leam & Sonja Hempel

US army boots and the coming of age of Buddae Jjigae: a political history of South Korea?s favourite stew

7. Farming Pixels

Chinar Shah with text by Aileen Blaney

Food, Photography and the Beauty Myth