1. Notes

COVER IMAGE: Photograph of a page from Therigatha - Poems of the First Buddhist Women, translated by Charles Hallisey.

The Therigatha, or Versus of the Elder Nuns, is a collection of short poems by Buddhist nuns, composed over two millenia ago, in the Pali language.

Photograph by Monica Nanjunda, the Guest Editor of this issue of The Forager, in collaboration with Forager Collective.

This is the first in our series of issues guest edited by invited artists and writers.

Monica is a performance artist and an art facilitator, currently based in Bengaluru, India. Besides taking performance art workshops for children she has participated in several performance art festivals and workshops both in India and abroad. Her works peep into the intricate and intangible political, social structures that surrounds her in the society that she lives in. While her website is in the process of opening online, a few of her performance art works are on YouTube and Vimeo.

She can be reached at monica.nanjunda@gmail.com