10 Ways To Decorate And Redesign Your Wooden Deck

You can do a lot of things on your deck, whether you want a complete renovation, a new flooring … or just looking for an inspiring exterior decoration. These 10 well-thought-out decks design ideas made by San Antonio deck builder team will help you start your new decor, create your new atmosphere, and set up your deck!


Make It Look Like A Vacation


Paint the edges of your deck white, opt for rattan furniture, add some suitable rugs and succulents in pots. You will almost feel the sea breeze! You will have the impression of walking through the streets of Santorini in Greece!


Invest In A Swimming Pool


Just because you don’t have a garden doesn’t mean you can’t have a swimming pool. Use your deck to relax and sunbathe by your pool. Remember, too, that throw pillows are the best way to introduce pops of color.


Consider An Outdoor Fireplace


Install a wood stove on your deck for a more pleasant atmosphere. To channel this modern coastal aesthetic, most deck companies opt for neutral hues, designer lines, and graphic cushions. The corten brazier is the fashion accessory of the moment!


Paint The Floor


If you have a coastal home, you can paint your deck in striped blue and white. Add chairs with cushions – a set of pretty bouquets, and voila! Dare to alternate the color of every other plank; this can give an astonishing style and a touch of fantasy. On the other hand, avoid bad color mixtures!


Focus On The View


The minimalism and clean design of the infinity pool allow our eyes to focus on the magnificent view and expanses of the vineyard that opens up before us. These lounge chairs are the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine at sunset. We all know what could be more beautiful than nature?


Incorporate Lots Of Greenery


You have the impression of being in the jungle (less humidity and insects) by filling your deck with all the potted plants. Then add a coffee table, a hanging lamp, and comfortable seating for a cozy living room that rivals the indoor living room.


Try A Glass Railing


Go for a glass barrier over wooden or partitioned railings – it’s a subtle design decision but a game-changer. You will thus have the impression that your deck is larger, more open.


Don’t Be Afraid Of Color


Draw attention to the top with eye-catching and colorful stair risers – it’s an easy and punchy way to incorporate color. We also love how the etched wood panel between the floor and the deck is the same material as the door, introducing texture and creating a real overall cohesion.


Enhance The Architectural Style Of Your Home


An elegant and modern barrier around the bridge will beautifully frame the outdoor space. The angular shape of this deck also makes it possible to highlight the architectural lines of the house. You have the choice between wooden, stainless steel or even glass guardrails. You are free to mix these materials for even more originality.


Make Her Comfortable


The overall aim of anyone, especially us at deck builders San Antonio TX, has always been to make a deck feel like your second living room, a few ottomans, comfortable pillows, cushions, and a blanket are necessary. Cushions, quilts, and blankets will be your best friends on long summer evenings or cool spring evenings.