10 Objects For A Nordic-Style Living Room

Nordic style is the order of the day. We like him for his commitment to light spaces, the feeling of calm and relaxation it generates, simplicity, and the warm and welcoming image it brings. The optimization of natural light, the use of neutral and light colors in contrast to others such as blacks, reds, greens or browns and the use of natural materials such as wood, metal or glass, so fashionable these days, are some of the main characteristics of this style, of which we have already spoken on occasion.


Decorative lamps


They help clarify the light, but the lamps in the Nordic style also have a highly decorative function, bringing warmth to the room.


Sofas that invite you to stay


It is logical that the living room, as a meeting center in the home, has the sofa as the main element. This is characterized by its soft lines, natural and simple designs, with a slightly retro air, but above all for its comfort, for inviting you to sit or lie down and enjoy a pleasant time of relaxation.


Wallpaper that gives texture


Whites and grays are the most commonly used base colors, as they allow you to create bright and calm spaces. These combine with others like blacks, greens, reds, or blacks that provide contrast and help to increase that feeling of warmth. The wallpaper will be one of the elements that will allow this contrast and provide texture to space.


Tables with simple lines


One of the meeting moments in the living room is the one generated around the dining table at meals with family and friends. Both in this case and the coffee tables, we find furniture with simple lines, many times it is design pieces, in most cases, made of wood or glass.


Most comfortable chairs


As with the tables, the chairs that we find in the Nordic-style salons are usually design pieces, usually in soft and relaxed shapes, which take up little space visually and bring naturalness and quality to space.


Light shelving


Practical and decorative shelves, shelves, and shelves are essential to help us take on the storage in our living room. The materials with which they have been manufactured, such as wood or metal, the colors used, white, gray, and wood finishes, and their design, make these pieces characterized by their visual lightness and decorative weight.


Wooden sideboards


Made of wood, the Nordic style usually uses a TV cabinet, sideboards or chests of retro style, not very high, and several divisions to help us with storage.


Cushions that add color and warmth


A perfect complement to any room, whatever the style, is the cushions. In the sofas of the Nordic lounges, we find many that help creates that warm and comfortable image.


Carpets that warm the floors


Nothing better to dress our floors and achieve that warm sensation that we like to feel so much on our feet than by using rugs, especially if they are long pile.


Decorative objects that denote naturalness


We can get the sensation of naturalness desired from the hand of paintings, sculptures, and vases, especially those made with materials such as metal, wood, or ceramic. Like the flower pot in the photo, made of glazed porcelain and has a very soft and smooth texture may contain soil, plants, and water.