10 Essential Accessories To Decorate The House

House decoration includes a series of essential, practical, and cheap objects that will help us bring life to and individualize the spaces in the house. Each one of them, its shapes, colors, patterns, and even its distribution, will endow it with personality, making it a unique place. It is unnecessary to place them all, choosing those closest to each person’s style, and it is possible to give a new air to the room.

Pictures, photographs, and frames

It is one of the most traditional and original ways to decorate the home. Family photographs; classic, abstract, realistic paintings … and even empty frames. Anything goes to fill our walls with life. You just have to be guided by your tastes and follow a continuous line with the rest of the decoration or, even, combine colors and styles, making these objects stand out above or with other accessories.

Vinyl, wallpaper, murals

In recent times, vinyl and murals dress our walls, giving them warmth and originality. The murals magnify images or motifs, giving a feeling of realism. On the other hand, the vinyl, the revelation complement of the last years, is easy to put on and take off, finding an infinite number of themes and colors. Finally, highlight the return of wallpaper: floral prints, children’s motifs, or sixties resources fill the walls with life.

Plants, flowers, vases, potpourris, and centerpieces

For those who cannot enjoy a house in the country or a garden, there is always the option of placing plants and flowers, another way to make Nature flood the home. Also, a potpourri of dried flowers, stones, vases, and other similar items can have a great decorative force and are very cheap!

Candles, mikados and other aromatic fragrances

Scents are much more important than we think: they evoke memories and generate sensations. A cozy and comfortable home must give off a unique and pleasant aroma. Accessories such as candles, mikados, and aromatic fragrances, in addition to helping to achieve the desired scent, are highly decorative elements.

Cushions, rugs, curtains, blankets, sheets, duvets and other textiles

Textiles have a great decorative load. They can add a touch of color, originality, or continuity to the decorative style of furniture or walls. For this reason, they are essential for dressing in any room. Carpets, curtains, duvets, blankets, duvets, sheets, and even cushions cover warmth, freshness, and comfort while beautifying every corner of the house.

Hanging, mobile, and curtains

To separate rooms, hide, or simply decorate. Beaded curtains and the like, hanging, or mobile is in fashion. Available in a multitude of colors, motifs, and materials, they can add a touch of originality and color to the room.

Boxes and baskets

Both boxes and baskets are indispensable pieces for storing any type of objects: from food to toys. However, a wasted characteristic of these is their great ornamental capacity. In wicker, wood or plastic, colored or smooth, baskets and boxes are other decoration elements. They can be painted or decorated to enjoy a practical accessory of aesthetic interest.


Let you know the time of day you live, be punctual, or if the visits are early. Clocks, beyond their typical utility, also help decorate the home. It is important to choose the one that best matches the style of the room or one that breaks with it. Digital or analog, do not forget about it.


They have a great capacity to expand the rooms’ space and light, thanks to the reflections they generate. Also, they are an essential object when decorating any place in the house without the frame, with wooden, wrought iron, plastic frames, or inlays. Mirrors are attractive in any space in the home.


Reading is undoubtedly one of the most stimulating and rewarding hobbies. A very useful aid in the storage of books is the bookends, which, in addition to avoiding clutter, decorate the shelves, sometimes, in an original way.